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Why other methods are outdated

Your advisors shouldn’t exist in silos. In silos, advisors can give overlapping and conflicting advice which is time consuming for you, the client.


Wealth Advisors centered around you

In this innovative model, our role is to synchronize wealth management, tax, estate, and insurance advice into a singular, cohesive plan. We engage with you through quarterly review meetings, ensuring your strategy remains aligned with your evolving goals and the dynamic financial landscape.

Our History as an Independent
and Fee-Only Wealth Planning Firm

Carroll Wilkerson and Jared Reynolds founded WR Wealth Planners (formerly Wilkerson & Reynolds Wealth Management) in January of 2009.

During their 60+ years of combined experience, it has been their mission to be a resource and assist clients in making informed financial decisions through education, communication, and the financial planning process, while keeping the client’s interest paramount.

Utilizing a comprehensive suite of investment management and wealth planning solutions, the founders have been serving affluent families, business owners, professional athletes, celebrities, executives, and companies since 1985.

From our headquarters in Columbia, Missouri, WR Wealth Planners extends its services beyond our local community, fostering client relationships across more than 30 states. We take pride in our partnership with Charles Schwab as our asset custodian and are committed to delivering innovative technology solutions at the most competitive cost to our clients.

Our Process

What is Wealth Planning?

“I’ve been through planning before.” We hear this often when meeting with prospective clients. What we find out when they show us their “plan” is that it’s simply nothing more than a sales proposal with the end game of a transaction – that couldn’t be farther from the authentic planning process. 

We think it’s important that our clients have advisors with real-world experience in the subject matter they provide guidance in. That’s why our clients work with wealth planners who can put themselves in your shoes.

The Wealth Planning Process

Wealth planning is an experience where every facet of your financial vision is planned for. After we collect data to help us understand what makes your situation unique, we utilize our team of experts to craft a scenario-based plan that we present to you. Following the planning process, you are assigned to a three-person team who will help you execute your personalized strategy and provide ongoing service for any plan changes or needs that arise. We then review your plan no less than annually for any updates to ensure you’re on track for success.

Certified Financial Planners (CFP®)
Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisors (CPFA®)
Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA®)
Certified Public Accountant (CPA®)

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