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At WR Wealth Planners, we add a personalized partnership to the wealth management experience for our clients. We believe your future shouldn’t be left to chance. We curate your financial future with our wealth planning and forecasting. These tools will help you gauge potential outcomes and make informed decisions.

We want you to be able to envision your financial future and understand how we can help you get there. We are passionate about equipping and empowering people to make financial decisions that impact the people and things in their life that matter most.

The first thing we do is listen. We want to know what our clients care about most – their dreams, challenges, and concerns. Then we put together a plan using a disciplined wealth planning and investment process. We show our clients the impact of their financial decisions – before they make them. We show them how to implement the plan and make adjustments if needed as their life changes. Along the way, we do everything we can to take care of them.

Wealth Planning

Wealth planning is the art of understanding you, your family, what makes you unique, and what you want to accomplish most in life. This, integrated with the science of risk mitigation strategies, investment planning, tax planning, and estate planning, helps us create a plan for you that weathers any of life’s expeditions.

Advanced Planning for High Net Worth

Our Advanced Wealth Planning for High Net Worth Individuals encompasses a comprehensive suite of services designed to safeguard and grow your wealth across generations. From estate, income, and capital gains tax mitigation strategies to orchestrating generational wealth transfers and advising on business succession or sale, our bespoke solutions are tailored to maximize your financial legacy while ensuring seamless transitions.

Estate Planning

At WR Wealth, our Estate Planning services are intricately designed to protect your legacy and ensure the deliberate distribution of your assets in alignment with your specific desires. Our comprehensive strategies extend beyond the basics to include the development of wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, probate avoidance, charitable giving, and the establishment of various revocable and irrevocable trusts. Each plan is meticulously tailored to minimize estate taxes, safeguard your wealth, and ensure your loved ones are cared for with precision and foresight.

Business Planning

We offer extensive Business Planning services aimed at enhancing your business’s growth, tax efficiency, and exit strategy. Our offerings include executive bonus plans, key employee programs, deferred compensation, and ESOP plans, alongside strategies for tax mitigation, tax efficient entity structures, business succession, and business sale strategies. Our focus is on ensuring your business’s present success and preparing for a smooth transition in the future.

Diverse Investment Strategies

Most firms believe diversification is simply stocks and bonds. At WR Wealth Planners, we know that true diversification is achieved by investing across all asset classes including commodities, alternative investments, and real estate. Our investment allocation services are personalized to each client, along with the way we enter the market. From risk-adjusted models to dollar-cost averaging strategies, we ensure your money works in a way that aligns with your ambitions.

Tax Planning & Preparation

“It’s not about what you make, it’s about what you keep.” The tax law landscape is constantly changing. Our expert wealth planners take advantage of tax codes and work with our clients to generate the most favorable outcome at tax time.

Retirement Planning

Whether you are an individual planning your retirement or a business owner looking to implement and need help with your 401K.

Divorce Planning

Although a settlement may look equitable in today’s terms without the planning of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, the settlement could be anything but. We can show you the major difference between equal and equitable. Our highly trained professionals are sensitive to the emotional intricacies of divorce and can assist with any situation’s level of complexity.

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