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About Paden

Paden Squire founded Squires CPA, LLC, which is now known as WR Tax, in the summer of 2014, marking the beginning of his journey into entrepreneurship. This venture was initially sparked by Squire’s desire to explore entrepreneurship, and the path became clear when a local CPA, on the verge of retirement, presented an opportunity.

Through mutual comfort and agreement, Squire was entrusted with serving a significant portion of the retiring CPA’s clientele. This pivotal moment provided him with the courage to transition from the corporate world to the realm of self-employment full-time. Squire’s business endeavors have not only allowed him to collaborate with remarkable individuals and businesses that inspire him but have also enabled him to leverage his expertise in assisting others with their familial and employee provisions.

His role extends beyond professional services, allowing him to support his wife and two daughters, Lexi and Nora, while maintaining an active involvement in his local church community. A cornerstone of Squire’s business philosophy is to offer personalized service befitting a trusted advisor, avoiding transactional relationships by engaging with clients beyond the tax season. He is committed to ensuring that business relationships receive the attention they merit, irrespective of the season.

Outside his professional life, Paden Squire enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Devin, and their children, supporting local sports teams such as the Chiefs, Royals, and MU Tigers. His passion for education is evident in his role as an adjunct faculty member at Columbia College, where he teaches various accounting courses.

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