Case Study - Business Owner


How John Saved Millions in Potential Taxes after Company Exit

Client Background

John sought our expertise after being referred by a satisfied client to WR Wealth Planners, he had just sold his C-Corporation and accrued significant retained earnings. Facing a potential double-taxation event upon withdrawing these earnings, he was in urgent need of sophisticated financial strategies. The challenges were two-fold:

  1. Offsetting the potential income and capital gains taxes that both he and his company would incur.
  2. Strategically withdrawing the retained earnings from the company to minimize additional taxation.

His situation required a deep dive into strategic financial planning to safeguard his newly liquidated assets while ensuring compliance with tax regulations.


Engaging in WR Wealth Planners’ Black Diamond Elite planning process, John found tailored solutions that not only mitigated his immediate financial concerns but also set a robust foundation for his future financial health. The outcomes of our collaboration included:

  • Investment in a Qualified Opportunity-Zone: Assisted John to offset taxes in the same fiscal year, thanks to the tax benefits they offered.
  • Creation of a Cash Balance Pension Plan: Established within his existing company, this plan allowed John and his wife to convert retained earnings into retirement savings, leveraging the company’s continued operations to facilitate this transformation.

This strategic approach not only saved him millions in potential taxes but also allowed for the continued growth of his and his wife’s retirement portfolio. Now, with a laid out plan in place, John enjoys the freedom to gradually retire without compromising his lifestyle.

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